Accessory - stainless steel Airless support

exeol care
Moisturising hand cream

exeol clean 4E
Multi-enzymatic detergent

exeol clean matic E
Non-foaming enzymatic detergent

exeol derm
Hand and body washing lotion

exeol floor
Disinfectant detergent for floors and surfaces

exeol gel 82
Hydroalcoholic gel

exeol GTA 2%
High level disinfectant

exeol PA
High level disinfectant

exeol rinse matic
Drying-activating rinsing liquid

exeol rub 82
Hydroalcoholic lotion

exeol san
Sanitary disinfectant descaling detergent

exeol scrub 4%
Antiseptic hand washing solution

exeol sept E2
Neutral pH enzymatic disinfectant detergent

exeol skin
Hand washing lotion

exeol surf 30
Surface disinfectant

exeol surf 60
Surface disinfectant

exeol surf optimal
Disinfectant detergent alcohol-free for surfaces and medical devices

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