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With Alkapharm, the Healthcare Division’s brand, Sodel supports health professionals in the fight against hospital-acquired infections. Uncover a short and essential range for hygiene and disinfection practices for healthcare environments and, in particular, the technical facilities. By choosing Alkapharm, you are choosing high-quality products, recognised for their effectiveness and tested.  

Alkapharm, depuis 1991

Alkapharm, since 1991

Alkapharm was founded with the aspiration of offering a medical device treatment solution built on high-performance cleaning, the essential precondition for effective disinfection.

The founders of Alkapharm quickly developed a product pair combining high-level detergent performance and disinfection: the Alkazyme and Alkacide solutions arrived on the market. Thus began the development of the Alkapharm brand in France and abroad.

The Sodel Healthcare Division, a multidisciplinary team dedicated to hygiene in healthcare environments.

Our Healthcare Division team is trained in hygiene/disinfection practices and chemical products for use in health environments, in order to effectively respond to all our customers’ requests.

Our sales managers travel to sites to train the teams and define cleaning and disinfection solutions adapted to public health requirements.
Alkapharm, depuis 1991
Alkapharm, depuis 1991

A short and essential range addressing all the needs of the healthcare environment.

From pre-disinfectant cleaning of medical devices to floor and surface treatment, find the appropriate product in the Alkapharm range.  
Our Hand Hygiene products are developed to respect and protect the skin when used at high frequency.
Find out about our range specially designed for the dental professions, with 3 flagship products for rotating instruments, imprinting and suction systems.
In France, and french-speaking regions, the Exeol and Propre Odeur brand products round out the offer for the health environment as a whole (reception areas, rooms, toilets, corridors, atmosphere, etc.).

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