A Word from the President

In 2021, we deployed "exeol", an ambitious business development programme. We decided to make it part of a sustainable governance approach, backed by an active and collaborative policy of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility. Our responsibility to employees, customers, shareholders and partners is at the very heart of our corporate project, and we are creating the conditions necessary to create sustainable relationships with each group.

Committing to a CSR policy means providing a documented response to the legitimate expectations of our employees in terms of health, safety and well-being in the workplace, a responsible approach to the environment, to our suppliers in terms of economic and commercial equity, and to our customers in terms of product safety, transparency of information provided, scientific loyalty and business ethics.

Committing to a CSR policy also means making our company's activities sustainable, based on a virtuous model with social environmental and economic components.

We see our CSR policy as an incentive for scientific, social and organisational innovation... to meet our CSR goals.

Our CSR policy is based on the concept of ASAP - As Sustainable as Possible. This logo illustrates our commitment: "To do our best, wherever possible, for People, Animals and the Environment”.

David Guffroy - CEO Sodel

Our Values

An Ambitious Recruitment Policy

Implement a policy of skills internalisation in order to involve all areas of the company in developing our business knowledge and expertise.
Set up an internal multidisciplinary structure capable of planning for and managing regulatory changes, microbiological, toxicological and eco-toxicological issues, etc.

Internal/External continuous and objective training

Just as training our employees is essential, training and informing users is also key to facilitating the correct use of our products and minimising risks during use: a high-performance product that is incorrectly used will give mediocre results.

A Process of Collective Discussion

Corporate projects are cross-cutting in both their design and implementation. Reflecting this, our "Collective Ambition" programme brings together project developers from all departments of the company to form a management committee.
All employees are involved in the company's development through frequent information meetings and discussions around the solutions implemented.

A Virtuous Design Policy

Sodel analyses all the raw materials used to make the products designed manufactured and/or marketed by the company, in order to eliminate any substances posing a proven major risk and provide a more virtuous equivalent.
Whenever possible, Sodel seeks to obtain the European "Ecolabel" label in compliance with Regulation No. 880/92/EC or Ecocert certification.

Manufacturing Compliant with the Highest Quality Standards

A high level of manufacturing quality in compliance with the regulatory and environmental requirements inherent in the constraints of customers working in the healthcare or catering sectors.
Our commitment to Quality is underlined by our Quality Management system certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards (MDR regulation).

A Company involved in its Regional Ecosystem

Priority given to local suppliers.
Cooperation agreement implemented with local partners.

Our Commitments

Commitment 1 : Innovate and invest to ensure the long-term sustainability of our offering
Commitment 2 : Optimise resources and reduce our Carbon Footprint
Commitment 3 : Work to protect users and patients
Commitment 4 : Ensure the well-being and safety of our employees and maintain ethical behaviour
Commitment 5 : Support inspiring initiatives in line with our employees' values

Our Businesses

exeol commitments

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